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Next to Andheri Subway,
Old Nagardas road,
Andheri East, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400069

P.D.R Solutions FZC
F-20, Business center 1,
Business Park,
RAK Free Trade Zone,
Ras Al Khaimah,
UAE P O Box 16113


For sales related queries, please send us an email at:

Tel (USA): +1 (415) 236 1970
Fax (USA): +1-415-449-3556

Tel (India): +91 22 3079 7676
Fax (India): +91 22 3079 7679

Tel (USA): +1 (415) 236 1970
Fax (USA): +1-415-449-3556

Toll Free Tel (USA) : 1-866-243-3984


If you have any queries about our Press Releases, need to discuss any Interviews or require company information for any media publication you can get in touch with our Media Contact.

Karthik Balachander

Tel (USA): +1 (415) 236 1970
Tel (India): +91 (22) 3079 7676
Fax (USA): +1 (231) 309 7142
Fax (India): +91 22 3079 7679

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