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Domain Name Registration

gTLDs, ccTLDs & New gTLDs for Your Customers

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BASE SLAB $25 SLAB 1 $499 SLAB 2 $1499 SLAB 3 $2999

.*.name is 3rd level .Name


  • For both Domains & Hosting, Renewal prices will be higher than the new Add / Registration price. The discounted price is applicable only on the first purchase as indicated and Renewals will be charged at price displayed with a strikethrough.
  • Bank/Transaction Charges may apply when transferring funds. Read More
  • Prices on HostGator Shared Plans are indicative of the maximum available tenure. Prices as per tenure adjust accordingly.
  • Shared Hosting Orders may be used by only one company/Customer to host multiple domain names/websites. Read More
  • For eg. $1.99 $3.99 implies new orders are charged at $1.99 and renewal will be at $3.99

What are Slabs?

The Domain Reseller Program follows a slab-based pricing structure through which we can offer you better pricing based on the volume of business you do with us.

If you are starting your business, you can choose to opt-in for our 'Base Slab' by making a Fully Usable Deposit of $25 into your account. At the 'Base Slab', you get it's respective pricing. As your business grows, and as you deposit more money into your Reseller Account, you will automatically be moved up to a higher slab. When you reach a new slab, you get better pricing.

Remember, you can also choose to start your business directly at the best slab by depositing $2999 into your ResellerClub account.